Sven Latzke is a cinematographer and editor based in Stuttgart, Germany. He was granted a Fulbright scholarship in 2007 and earned his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio University School of Film (USA) in 2009.

Sven’s feature film debut Bela Kiss: Prologue was critically acclaimed for it’s outstanding cinematography. It was theatrically released in Germany 2013 and is available for sale and rental in various countries, including the USA and Canada.

Sven’s visual approach combines his extensive technical knowledge with his strong sense of style thereby creating a unique look that always works to support the story and characters.

Prior to graduate school, Sven worked with an agency for visual communication and studied Audiovisual Media with a focus on Film, Video and Visual Design at Stuttgart Media University (HdM). He received his Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) degree in 2007.

Sven’s body of work includes music videos, documentaries, as well as both short and feature films, many of which have been screened at film festivals worldwide.

Since his return to Germany Sven has regularly worked for ARD and SWR.

See profile on IMDb and Crew United.

Sven Latzke ist Kameramann und Editor. Er studierte als Fulbright-Stipendiat an der Ohio University School of Film in den USA. Dort erwarb er 2009 den amerikanischen Abschluss Master of Fine Arts.

Svens Bildgestaltung basiert auf weitreichendem technischen Fachwissen, handwerklichem Können und hohem Anspruch an Ästhetik und Stil.

Bereits vor seinem USA-Aufenthalt war Sven bei Film- und Musikvideoproduktionen, sowie einem Büro für visuelle Gestaltung tätig. Darüber hinaus studierte er Audiovisuelle Medien an der Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. Im Sommer 2007 schloss er dieses Studium als Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) ab.

Zu Sven Latzkes Arbeiten zählen Musikvideos, Dokumentar-, Kurz- und Spielfilme. Viele wurden auf internationalen Film Festivals gezeigt und ausgezeichnet.

Seit seiner Rückkehr nach Deutschland lebt er in Stuttgart und arbeitet unter anderem für den SWR und die ARD.

Profil auf Crew United und IMDb.

2016 – Winner – Indiana Short Film Festival (USA) – Ruth’s Great Escape
2016 – Winner – New Hope Film Festival (USA) – Ruth’s Great Escape
2016 – 2nd Place -Barrie Film Festival (USA) – Ruth’s Great Escape
2016 – Nominee – Athens Int. Film and Video Festival (USA) – Ruth’s Great Escape

2013 – Bela Kiss: Prologue screens at Twisted Celluloid Festival, Cork (Ireland)

2011 – Bela Kiss: Prologue Teaser premiers at Fantasy Horror Award, Orvieto (Italy)
2011 – Born in America screens at Newfilmmakers Short Film Program, New York (USA)

2010 – Winner – Johnstown Film Festival (USA) – Arrividerci, Signore Fuccini
2010 – Nominee – Los Angeles Comedy Festival (USA) – Arrividerci, Signore Fuccini

2009 – Nominee – Santa Cruz Film Festival (USA) – Dog Days of Winter
2009 – Nominee – Motion Film Festival (USA) – Dog Days of Winter
2009 – Nominee – Athens International Film and Video Festival (USA) – Dog Days of Winter

2008 – Fulbright Scholarship


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